GTA 5 New Working DNS Servers & How To Unfreeze Online gta 5 money hack


GTA 5 Online DNS Server ▷Website: ▷P…
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20 comments on “GTA 5 New Working DNS Servers & How To Unfreeze Online gta 5 money hack
  1. MCmiricle says:

    Hope you guys found the video helpful, Sorry about the drop in quality, had
    to render the video multiple times!

  2. Chidera Mmayie says:

    I NEED GOD MODE. P.S, god mode isn’t gode mode but just a lot of health.
    It’s like cod. If you have god mode but go past a barrier you lose health
    so quickly you die but there’s nothing like that in gta and you keep

  3. Chad Gilmore says:

    anyone that has it working

  4. EpG MaGmA says:

    paaatch !

  5. Xbone Mods says: does not work

  6. Whynox says:

    WOORKING DNS ? 30/12

  7. CaptainTooshFinger says:

    Is there a mod that DOES NOT have snow

  8. Albanian Nick says:

    How do u reply to comments instead of just adding them to the recipients 

  9. JOZZ ANGEL says:

    Is there anyone.that knows.any dns server that deranks you?

  10. Calm LivePono says:

    Is there a DNS you can make that ables you to rank other players? That
    would be cool :)

  11. Tyler Noelker says:

    They are probably not capable of banning all the people that are doing it.

  12. aqua drats says:

    Or u just click automatic then sighn in then go on the manual and I it says
    timed out just unlink and relink ur social club to ur xbox :D

  13. devbuscus LeTroll says:

    For the people saying that the ip isn’t working ip is not working its dns
    not ip

  14. 497mick says:


    DNS SERVER included (God mode’ RP Rank’ LOTS of money)

    £2.50 per day 

  15. Heaven Molina says:

    Show us for ps3

  16. Khamphan Khaew says:

    i cant play the game,the screen will go black and then takes me back to the
    intro again

  17. Brian Burke says:

    the first one STILL works. AFTER PATCH!!!!

  18. Aiden Priestley says:


    They are now handing out console bans for EVERYONE that uses the 3rd DNS. I
    found this out because I was using amd then everyone left, I had no recent
    players then got a ban myself, be careful guys.

  19. Luis Corona says:

    do it for ps3

  20. EDK118 says:

    Holy crap it worked thank you so much, mine kept crashing my Xbox at the
    loading of online, it’s very much appreciated. I would hug you so hard
    right now if I saw you in person