GTA 5 Online- DNS CODES WORKING AFTER HOTFIX 1.09!!! gta money hack download


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22 comments on “GTA 5 Online- DNS CODES WORKING AFTER HOTFIX 1.09!!! gta money hack download
  1. Hacked By Jkyz - GTAV Glitches and mods -Community Channel says:

    every one go subscribe to my new channel as i will no longer be using this
    one !!!

  2. Carlos Diaz says:

    Send me a dns bro 

  3. HBSanta says:

    You kids are truly pathetic. “Oh I liked and subscribed plzzzz send me the
    DNS servers! I can’t have fun in this game without god mode!!

  4. Tracey Tucker says:


  5. pts1210pt says:

    Can you please give me an working dns code, mate ? 

  6. Tracey Tucker says:

    Here’s a dns code play the ducking game right

  7. ØBEYDUHFIST Nøw says:

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  8. Daniel Sintranic says:

    Hey could some one ples help me get sone working dns codes. I want to help
    some low leve friends level up. Thank ypou. Gamer tage on xbox live.
    Sopopogod6789. It sucks all my dns codes got pached.

  9. Nassio Carrillo says:

    heyy sso whats the code

  10. Crabe Nikkex says:

    Give me working dns code plz

  11. Mohammad Salhieh says:

    Ive tried atleast 60 different codes they are all patched

  12. Uzzi Ali says:

    lol bullshit

  13. Ricco b says:

    How do I sub to your other channl?

  14. Jeff Hewitt says:

    Rock star watches everyone’s videos and that how they know abt the glitches
    and mods 

  15. MiLkDuD says:

    Send me the code please

  16. courtney harrison says:

    y dont u make ur own every 1?

  17. Someguyi says:

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  18. John Callans says:

    Hey can yo please gave the DNS codes I won’t make a video about it

  19. danny desroches says:

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  20. Art White says:

    I also subbed your channel but it won’t let me like the video. Please
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  21. Ham Studios says:

    Hey man would love some codes i only wanna use for fukin around wif ma
    friends and i wont make vid promise

  22. Freddie Haleem says:

    hey i subbed and liked can you please send me a working DNS