GTA 5 Online – *NEW* DNS CODES – *Working After Patch 1.0.9* gta money hack online


Subscribe ====== If you don’t have 1.0.9 just yet, make sure you subscribe and come back tomorrow as 1.0.9 should be out everywhere! Only some people w…
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15 comments on “GTA 5 Online – *NEW* DNS CODES – *Working After Patch 1.0.9* gta money hack online
  1. AquaX says:

    how do you get the gta v moddedlobby fns codes picture to stay on the
    screen ? TickleMeBumfluff ?

  2. TickleMeBumfluff says:

    Secondary: OR

  3. Yacob Marjan says:

    Im banned fk you

  4. jared dugar says:

    Shit don’t work it’s fake don’t waste your time

  5. Jonas Thorning says:

    Hey I dont got the updated patch on Januar 5th :) Do you know why? :I)

  6. antonio cold says:

    They don’t work I hosted a invite only thing then I only got $1000

  7. Ahmad Mirza says:

    Can it work for ps3 plzzzzzzz answer

  8. GeekyGamer1011 says:

    HOW DO I UPDATE???!!!!

  9. James Khoo says:

    How do I get the 1.09 Patch?:)

  10. Dylan Quinn says:

    What your gt

  11. Thath Douille says:

    I have some question:
    I have enter the DNS, I joined the online mode but from there I do a
    robbery and I earn only $ 1,000. Will I miss a step? Can you explain the
    entire procedure to connect to the game?

    Sorry for my English, im French

  12. Nuno Batista says:

    hi mate how i can be the host of a lobby ? when did the update come to
    portugal ? Thank you very much

  13. XBL IronMaidenMark says: doesn’t work

  14. Ahmad Mirza says:

    Can it work 

  15. Jonas Thorning says:

    how do you host a lobby? :)